Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 2015-2020 Japan Light Duty Truck Customised Lorry Windows Magnetic Sunshades

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2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Product Description:

Beat the heat by our in-house special customised high quality Magnetic Sunshades, it is crafted using the special selected small holes sun block fabric to reduce heat and harmful UV ray effectively. They are constructed using quality flexible processed metal for it to stay in shape according to the car window and fold up (collapsible) for storage, inserted with solid permanent magnets with international standard high Neodymiun pull force, to ensure firm and strong holding power onto car window frame, and high nickel coating on the magnets to prevent corrosion caused by humid weather.

These Magnetic Sunshades unlike other car curtains or car blinds, they are easy snap onto window magnetically by simply put the perfectly fitted Magnetic Sunshades against the car windows and it automatically stick on by the built-in magnets! It is easy to remove and stored when they are not required. A perfect companion for car owners to beat the heat and increase in-car privacy. Magnetic Sunshades are perfect compliment even with the highest grade car window solar film such as 3M Crystalline, V-Kool, Huper Optik, etc, making in-car cosier and cooler.

As long in-car is less heated, you will need lesser air-condition, which in return, the reward is reducing fuel consumption, equal Save Gas and Save Money! Especially in the hot and humid summer countries, the highly turned-on air-conditioning system is one of the culprit of your petrol or diesel consumption. (Read Link)

Our Magnetic Shades not only reduce in-car heat, it as well prevent uninvited harmful insects especially mosquitoes, bee, etc from flying into the cars when the passenger's window winded down. It is highly recommended to parents with baby, toddlers and all ages of children sitting along the passenger's seat, especially when the kids are sleeping in the air-conditioned stationary idling car, where passenger's window needs to be winded down to prevent entrapment of carbon monoxide and let the oxygen flow into the car (Read Link).


  • In-house customised fitting according to the specific car windows.
  • Special selected quality smallest holes sunblock and UV block fabric and metal frame.
  • Solid permanent International standard magnets with nickel coating.
  • Reduce heat against hot sun during summer.
  • Reduce sun glare.
  • Reduce harmful UV Ray.
  • Increase in-car privacy.
  • Block mosquitos and other harmful insects from entering to the car when passenger's window wind down (Perfect for baby and toddler!)
  • Easy installation and remove (Magnetically snap on!).

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Only car models with direct metal window frames exposed can be attached directly with our magnetic sunshades. (For more information, please click HERE)

For car models with plastic window frames will need to stick on metal clips device provided to attach with out magnetic sunshades. (For more information, please click HERE)