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Q: Why do I need these magnetic sunshades?

A: Global warming is happening everywhere now, and most countries road regulations and laws only allow up to a certain percentage of solar film coverage. Adding on our magnetic sunshades can help to further reduce the heat, uv and sun glare, without paying more for solar film. Best of all, it is removable and reusable!

Q: How do I choose the correct car model magnetic sunshades for my car?

A: We have provided a few check points for your easy identifying reference, car brand, car model name, chassis code, year of manufacture and car photo. All check points must be matched according to our given reference on our website. Of course, if you still want to make sure before purchase, please chat with us.

Q: I would like to purchase a set for my car, but I do not see my car model on your website, how?

A: Please chat with us.

Q: Do the magnetic sunshades covers all windows?

A: Besides the front windscreen, yes, most of our magnetic sunshades cover all windows. We provide the options of covering only the side windows, covering the tailgate (tailgate windscreen) or full set covering side windows and tailgate windscreen.

Q: What is the magnetic sunshades coverage percentage?

A: Our magnetic sunshades cover up to 99% of the window, driver's row covers up to 60% of the window, so as not to block the side mirror. All car coverage varies, to find out more, do chat with us to find out more.

Q: How is your sunshade magnetise onto the car?

A: All our magnetic sunshades are constructed with built in magnets, which cannot be seen by product exterior. Except Boot Side and Tailgate piece sunshades, which use tension fit to fit into the car windows.

Most Japanese cars, Korean cars, other Asian cars and some Continental cars can be directly snap on, if you see the metal window framing on your car window surrounding.

Most Continental cars and some Japanese cars, Korean cars and other Asian cars are built with additional layer of plastic window cover around the window surrounding, for these cars, additional supporting device, which we called “Metal Clips” need to be stick onto your car window frame top part, so our magnetic sunshades can be magnetised.

Q: Can I not stick on the Metal Clips?

A: We strongly advise to stick on the Metal Clips for plastic window frame. Of course, you may put on the magnetic sunshades without the “Metal Clips” at your own risk.

Q: Can I wind down the car window when I put on the magnetic sunshades?

A: Yes, you can still wind down your car window even the magnetic sunshades are put on. However, we strongly encourage you to keep your car window wind up during the car moves, this is to prevent the magnetic sunshades from flying off the car.

Q: The Magnetic Sunshades shapes are totally out, either too big or too small for my car windows?

A: All our magnetic sunshades have been tested and sold to many happy customers. If you face any fitment issue, try the following:

1. Move/ Rotate the shades around to match the window shapes.

2. Read/ Watch our installation guide again to make sure you have installed correctly.

Q: There are some gaps and corner holes when I put on the magnetic sunshades, how?

A: Some gaps and corner holes are typically normal for some cars, as long as the general fitment fits perfectly according to your car windows, some minor gaps and corner holes are unavoidable.

Q: One side (or more) of the magnetic sunshades flew off/ dropped/ lost, can Dr Shadez replace or compensate me?

A: We do not replace nor compensate any losses in any mean of our magnetic sunshades. Thus, we strongly suggest to take good care of the product you purchase from us.

Shipping and Taxes

Q: How long to deliver the parcel to my country?

A: Shipping time varies, but typically from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on country and subject to your local custom clearance. You may check your parcel status with the tracking number we emailed to you. The tracking site is provided on our website.

Q: Will shipping tracking number be provided?

A: Yes, shipping tracking number will be provided for all orders.

Q: Will I be charged for custom tax, duty tax or VAT?

A: Typical circumstances, purchase above USD$20 may subject to your custom tax, duty tax and VAT, Customer is responsible for all custom tax, duty taxes, VAT, and any other taxes by their local authority. Please check with your local authority if in doubt.

 Exchange or Refund

Q: I think I have purchased the wrong car model magnetic sunshades from you, can I exchange?

A: If you have purchased the wrong car model or wrong generation, yes, we can do the exchange for you, with top up of price difference (if any). All product return to us and for us to reship shipping fees will be beared by customer.

Please take note you will need to choose the model from our available list. In the event, we do not have your car model available, we do not provide refund.

We will only exchange and ship out another product upon receiving the return product in good and resaleable condition.