DARKtech Mercedes Benz EQC Class 2019-Current 1st Generation (N293) Germany Electric Crossover SUV Customised Car Window Magnetic Sunshades

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Dr Shadez DARKtech Series Magnetic Sunshades

Year Range:

2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Current

Product Description:

Dr Shadez is one of the most reputable and innovative brand in car sunshades! Along with the good track records, Dr Shadez has innovated a new line of 2nd Generation Magnetic Sunshades, using the very own proprietary fabric, DARKtech!

This best ever made proprietary fabric is developed by Dr Shadez, its special weaving micro holes fabric makes it effective in reducing the sun glare and heat in the car. This second generation Magnetic Sunshades was fully funded on Kickstarter campaign.

On top of its capability of blackout under 30 degree angle, fully block laser beam from shining through. Whether it is long distance driving or just go to the supermarket nearby, both drivers and passengers can also enjoy a clearer vision while on the move, giving a more pleasurable driving experience while reducing the sun glare and sun heat, especially during the hot summer!


  • DARKtech, the proprietary special weaving micro holes fabric (Tiniest holes in the market).
  • Blackout effect under 30 degree angle, can even block out laser beam.
  • Special customised fitting according to the specific car windows
  • Reduce heat against hot sun during summer.
  • Reduce sun glare.
  • Reduce harmful UV Ray.
  • Increase in-car privacy.
  • Block mosquitos and other harmful insects from entering to the car when passenger's window wind down (Perfect for baby and toddler!)
  • Easy installation and remove (Magnetically snap on!).

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