BLOCKtech Premium Front Windscreen Foldable Sunshade for Toyota Harrier 2013-2020 3rd Generation (XU60)

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Going for a good weekend outdoor chill out? The last thing you want is having your car to park outdoor. Parking outdoor under the hot sun can be a real torture to the car and the commuters, sometimes parking outdoor is just unavoidable.

Dr Shadez BLOCKtech series is specially designed and made just for that. It is custom to fit just for your car. It is made of Japan high density UV rejection fabric that allows to reduce the sun heat injecting directly from your car front windscreen, so that your car cockpit, dashboard, steering wheel, car leather seat and maybe even your Apple Macbook Pro or iPad Pro won't be baked while parking outdoor.

Dr Shadez BLOCKtech series not only it is easy to install, it is Drop-Proof, so you can be sure your car front windscreen is 100% protected. Once you are done using, it can be easily removed and stowed away by simple folding action. It comes with a dedicated carrier bag. It is compact and small which can easily tuck away when not in use. Of course, when you need it, you know it will be there for you.


  • BLOCKtech, the premium fabric.
  • Custom to fit your car front windscreen, comfortably.
  • "Drop-proof" designed.
  • Covers every corners of your car windscreen.
  • Reduce heat against hot sun when parking outdoor.
  • Eliminate harmful UV Ray damaging car cabin interior upholstery. 
  • Dedicated carrier bag for easy stow away.
  • Easy installation and remove.